Our Story

Hi y'all! We're Justin and Josh - the creators, owners and makers of Knox Haus Candle Co. located in Knoxville, TN. If you're like us, fragrance is truly personal - especially in your home. Our love of candles and having amazing fragrances in our home runs deep. We've always felt like we would find a candle scent that we loved, but the jar or vessel it was in just didn't match us or our home at all. So, we decided to change that. And that's how Knox Haus Candle Co. was born.  

We didn't want to only offer our customers amazing smelling candles, we wanted to also offer a jar that wasn't just going to be tossed in the trash once the candle was burned for the last time. We only use 100% soy wax in all of our candle collections and wax melts. Each candle is part of a small batch that is hand poured into a concrete vessel that we make by hand as well, which gives each vessel a one of a kind touch. So once you've burned your favorite scent all the way through, you're left with a concrete vessel that you can repurpose in so many ways. 

Knox Haus Candle Co. is a labor of love and we're so glad that you are here!

- Justin & Josh